• The operating cost of each child attending Ballet Etudes is based on a total yearly fee. This fee is not based on the number of school days for the year, since our operating expenses continue whether or not your child is present. We try to make it easier on the parents by splitting the fees across the ten months anytime from the beginning of August to the end of June; therefore, the month of July is not included in the yearly total along with one other month. If the student begins class in August, their year is over in May. If they begin in September or later, they must continue through the end of June, even if it is after the examination. Tuition must be paid even if the student is absent any month or part thereof of the ten month school year.​
  • Tuition must be paid every month on or before the 15th day of the month. 
  • ​Ballet Etudes reserves the right to cancel ballet classes when special circumstances arise. Said cancellations are not subject to tuition credit, but make-up class time may be scheduled with permission from the Director.

  • ​​Students with justifiable excuses will be allowed to make up classes so that they may keep up with corresponding class syllabus.

  • ​It is necessary to complete 10 months of classes to be eligible for the final examination which usually takes place in May.

  • ​Student should be dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes before class begins and picked up no later than 15 minutes after class ends.

  • Visitors other than the student's parents must have proper authorization from the office before entering the school.

  • Students under 18 are not allowed to leave the school without a chaperone or express permission from the office. The school will not be responsible for any student that has left the premises.

  • The school is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.
  • Parents and students are expected to keep the office informed of any e-mail address changes and to follow our e-mail notifications regarding changes in classes, rehearsals, and other activities during the school year. 
  • Food will not be allowed inside the school, especially the studio area. Only water is allowed in the school. Litter must be disposed of in waste baskets. If you eat in front of the school, you must dispose of the litter, but not inside the school. There is no smoking or chewing gum allowed in the school.
  • Students are expected to be respectful of Ballet Etudes facilities and for its tidiness.


Ballet, Pointe, Partnering:

  • Girls wear official Ballet Etudes black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Long hair must be in a neat and secure bun. Short hair should be kept away from the face. Corresponding group's flowers should be worn around the bun. Black ballet skirts may be worn only with the teacher's permission. No other color will be permitted.
  • Men wear men's black tights, dance belt, T-shirt, white ballet shoes and white socks or black ballet shoes and black socks.


  • Girls will wear Ballet Etudes black leotards and pink tights just as in ballet. Girls must also wear a long, black character/flamenco skirt.
  • Long hair must be worn in a neat and secure bun and short hair kept away from the face.
  • Teacher will assign corresponding flowers for hair.
  • The required shoes are black flamenco or character shoes (with heels).
  • Other items that may be used at the teacher's discretion: castanets, pañuelos, or a flamenco fan.



  • White Ballet Etudes t-shirt or tank top with jazz pants or capris.
  • Regular sneakers, dance or jazz sneakers.
  • Hair in a ponytail or bun and away from the face.


  • Ballet Etudes t-shirt
  • Jazz Pants or black sweat pants.
  • Black Jazz shoes.
  • Hair in ponytail or bun and away from the face.
  • No additional jewelry besides small earrings.


  • Pink Ballet Etudes t-shirt.Pink Tights.
  • Black Ballet Etudes Leotard.
  • Pink ballet slippers.
  • Hair in ponytail or bun and away from the face.
  • No additional jewelry besides small earrings.


  • All schools will be closed on the following dates: Labor Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Holidays (Thursday and Friday), Winter Break, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, All Presidents' Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Nutcracker & Summer Performance



  • Be standing quietly in place when the instructor and the pianist enter the room.
  • Do not talk in class or lean on the bars and/or mirrors.
  • Be attentive to the instructor's remarks.
  • Be alert to all corrections given to you and to others.
  • Do not practice movements other than the one being conducted while the instructor is addressing the entire class.
  • Do not sit or leave the room without the permission of the instructor, except in the case of an emergency.
  • In the event of an accident, allow the instructor to supervise procedures.
  • Maintain chessboard formations in the center exercises.
  • Do not block the pianist's view of the instructor or of those dancing.
  • After the class has ended, remain on the floor until the instructor retreats from the room to acknowledge the pianist.
  • Do not enter class late without permission.
  • Cellphones must be silenced and kept in ballet bags throughout class and rehearsal.​ Students are not to text during class or risk having their phone confiscated by their teacher for the remainder of the period.


  • Transferring from one Ballet Etudes studio to another, or from one class level to another, requires that the parent informs the office  so the paperwork may be sent to the other studio and the new teacher informed.


  • Students and parents must recognize and understand the risks of physical injury inherent in dance training and be willing to assume those risks. Upon registration, parents of underage students and students over the age of 18 will sign in the application form an acceptance to the above regulations and a release of the following:I agree that I will not hold Ballet Etudes, or any faculty member or employee, either liable for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by me while in attendance and/or participating in Ballet Etudes.I agree to indemnify Ballet Etudes and all employees of the organization for all liabilities, costs, and judgments arising from acts or omissions committed by me ("the student") which result in injury or damage to any person or party or property on the school's premises.I understand that it is my responsibility to safeguard my personal property and realize it is not the responsibility of Ballet Etudes. I agree that I will not hold Ballet Etudes responsible for the loss or damage of personal property while in attendance and/or participating in Ballet Etudes. I also agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of Ballet Etudes.
  • If the student suffers from any medical condition, please inform the office in writing. 

Subject to change at the discretion of Ballet Etudes administration

Ballet Etudes reserves the right to use photos and videos from its performances and events for publicity

Guidelines & Policies