Q: At what age does Ballet Etudes School accept children in their ballet program?

A: We accept three-year olds and higher in our program. The small children adapt faster to a ballet class setting if they are already attending day-care where they are relating to other children.

Q: Are all students required to participate in performances?

A: Students are not required to participate in performances, but are highly encouraged to do so, as it is a very important part of their training as dancers.

Q: What payment methods does the School accept for tuition?

A: Ballet Etudes School accepts credit and debit cards from most major companies such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express as well as checks and cash payments.

Q: How do I begin the application process?

A: In order to begin the application process, please visit one of our locations. A link to this information has been listed below for your convenience.

Q: What level  of experience is required in order to enter the School?

A: Ballet Etudes School accepts students with all levels of experience. A placement evaluation is necessary in order to determine the appropriate level according to our school curriculum. To schedule a placement evaluation, please use the link listed below to contact our school.

Q: What are the School's tuition rates?

A: In order to give you the correct information regarding tuition, please contact our school directly. A link to the contact information has been listed below. for your convenience.

For tuition rates or any other questions, please contact our school directly.

Click here to contact our School.

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